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Aluminum Soffit & Fascia

Not familiar with the terms soffit and fascia? Sometimes referred to together as eaves, these related exterior components of your home are essential to its function and aesthetics:

  • The soffit refers to the siding on the underside of your roof's overhang. Not always visible from the curb, the soffit can be seen closer up to the home and when looking upwards out of windows. It protects your home from moisture and pests, contributes to the proper ventilation of your attic space, and provides a finished exterior appearance.
  • The fascia is located directly above the soffit. It's the exposed trim that runs along the edge of your roof and may have a gutter attached to it, depending on the design of your home. Fascia provides support for the bottom edge of your roof's shingles and can become an accent feature that enhances architectural design elements and curb appeal.

At STAR Building Materials in Winnipeg, we are proud to offer our customers a wide selection of high-quality aluminum soffit and fascia options. Visit our store today to learn more about soffit and fascia and choose the right fit for your needs. A friendly and knowledgeable STAR representative will be happy to assist you!

The Advantages of Aluminum Soffit

Soffit and fascia can be made from a variety of different materials including vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Some of the benefits of aluminum soffit and fascia include:

  • Aluminum soffit and fascia are extremely durable and designed to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions over the long term.
  • They are straightforward to install and can easily be tailored to tight spaces or unusual angles.
  • Aluminum soffit and fascia require very little maintenance and can maintain their appearance for decades.
  • They are moisture, pest, and fire-resistant.
  • Aluminum soffit and fascia can be fabricated from recycled material and recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Looking for more information about aluminum soffit and fascia? The team at STAR Building Materials can help.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Aluminum soffit and fascia help promote proper airflow in attic spaces and, by doing so, contribute to less extreme temperature variations in the home. This can translate to improved energy efficiency overall and the potential for decreased monthly energy bills. In combination with proper attic insulation, aluminum soffit and fascia can have an even greater impact on reducing your home's energy consumption.

Customizing Your Exterior

Available in a wide array of different colours and styles (white, brown, black, nutmeg, and more), aluminum soffit and fascia can offer an eye-catching opportunity to customize your home's exterior while also enhancing its function. Seeking specialized aluminum soffit and fascia to complement a specific architectural vision? Tell us what you're looking for and we will do our best to find a high-quality solution and order it in as quickly as possible.

Installation and Care

Whether you're hiring a contractor for soffit and fascia installation or planning to complete the work yourself, a helpful and experienced STAR team member is always available to offer guidance along the way. In terms of maintenance after installation, aluminum products require very little upkeep. If your aluminum soffit and fascia become dirty, a gentle cleaning with a soft-bristled scrub brush, mild detergent, and water should restore them to their original condition in no time!

Finding the Right Fit

Is aluminum soffit and fascia the right solution for your specific needs? Consider the following:

  • How long do you hope your soffit and fascia will last? Aluminum offers exceptional durability and longevity.
  • What is your budget? High-quality aluminum soffit and fascia tend to cost more than vinyl solutions.
  • What are your stylistic preferences? Aluminum soffit and fascia come in a broad spectrum of colours and styles but will never achieve an identical finish to that of vinyl or natural wood.

Ready to get started on aluminum soffit and fascia installation? Visit our store today!



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