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Doors/ Jambs/ Sills

STAR Building Materials’ selection of hollow and insulated commercial doors provide durability, longevity, and security. In addition, we offer all the components you’ll need to efficiently complete professional-quality installation for both entry and interior settings. 


  • Insulated and hollow metal slab doors
  • Jambs and sills
  • Kits for repair and weatherstripping


What are the best doors for commercial buildings?

Metal slab doors are a popular option for commercial buildings due to their strength and long-term durability. 

What sizes do commercial doors come in?

Custom commercial doors can come in a variety of sizes. At STAR, we offer standard metal slab doors sized at 35-¾”x79-⅛” and 35-¾”x83-⅛”. Speak with a STAR representative for more information. 

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