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Engineered Lumber


Engineered Lumber in Winnipeg


Engineered wood products are created by binding pieces of wood, veneers, or strands with adhesives. This lumber is used to create building frames, load-bearing walls, and floors.

The most popular type of engineered wood is plywood. Since this product rose to popularity, other types of engineered wood products have emerged, including LVL beam and LSL wall framing. 

Browse our inventory to find out why engineered lumber makes an excellent building material.



Due to its unique construction, engineered lumber offers the following benefits:

  • Consistent structure. These products are designed to be dimensionally stable. 

  • Sustainable. Engineered wood products are created with a combination of materials; they’re made of less wood than a regular plank of lumber. 

  • Long-lasting. This lumber lasts just as long as traditional wood (and usually even longer).




What are the advantages of using engineered lumber?

As opposed to conventional lumber, engineered wood is designed to be sturdier, stronger, and more resistant to decay.


How long does engineered wood last?

On average, high-quality engineered lumber can last well over 20 years.


Which is stronger: LSL or LVL?

Trying to choose between these structural wood products? While LSL (laminated strand lumber) is more economical, it’s not as strong as LVL (laminated veneer lumber). 


Can you put engineered wood in the kitchen?

Engineered wood products are more resistant to moisture than conventional lumber, making them a great choice for kitchen floors and cabinets. 


Are plywood and engineered wood the same?

Plywood is one type of engineered wood. At STAR Building Materials, we carry other kinds of engineered lumber, including LVL and LSL.

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