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Cedar Lumber


Western red cedar is highly sought after for its rich colour and smooth finish. It’s often used for constructing wall panels, flooring, and outdoor furniture. Western red cedar is also used to create musical instruments, thanks to its acoustic properties. The colouring varies depending on the wood species, from rich brown to pinkish red.

This straight-grained and non-porous wood is easy to work with. To inquire about our selection of cedar lumber, contact STAR Building Materials today. 



A few benefits of this wood include:

  • Highly resistant to decay. This makes it ideally suited for weather-resistant applications, such as exterior siding or roof shingles. 

  • Perfect for outdoor use. Given its ability to withstand sunlight, moisture, and other decay, you can use Western red cedar to build a fence, patio furniture, or door. 

  • Pleasant aroma. You’ll enjoy the rich scent of a forest when you’re working with cedar.




Is cedar an expensive wood?

While Western red cedar is more affordable than some premium woods, it’s more expensive than pine.


How long does untreated cedar last outside?

On average, untreated cedar will last 5 years. Regular maintenance will boost its lifespan up to 15 years.


Do I need to seal cedar wood?

Protective sealants will help protect cedar lumber from damage; they’re recommended for outdoor use. 


Is Canadian cedar sustainable?

Western red cedar is incredibly sustainable! It’s one of the most eco-friendly building products when it’s gathered from managed forests. The production process uses less energy and creates fewer greenhouse gases than other types of lumber.

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