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Lattice & Privacy Screens



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Lattice & Privacy Screens

When you want some separation from your surroundings, lattice and privacy screens can provide a simple and attractive solution.  At STAR Building Materials, we offer a selection of options to meet your needs and can help you imagine creative ways to define your outdoor space. 


  1. Variety of colours, materials and styles
  2. Customizable patio privacy screens and sunblinds
  3. Lattice fence options


Are there regulations for installing privacy screens?
It’s best to consult local regulations before installing privacy lattices or screens.  Often, municipalities do have rules that govern factors such as the allowable height, material, and location of such products.  

Are lattice screens effective for complete privacy?
Because lattice screens aren’t solid, they don’t provide complete privacy.  Consider enhancing them with vines or backing for more protection.  

How can I maintain my wooden lattice or privacy screen?
Wood lattice screens should be cleaned annually with a pressure washer or scrubbed with warm soapy water.  Applying a sealant, stain, or paint is also recommended.  

Can I install a lattice or privacy screen myself?
Yes, many people install lattices and privacy screens themselves.  If you prefer professional assistance, reach out to a STAR team member.

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