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Concrete & Blocks

Concrete & Blocks

Whether you’re laying a walkway, creating a patio, building a parking pad, or designing a decorative planter, you’ll want to source high-quality concrete materials that will withstand the test of time.  STAR Building Materials can help.  Our broad selection of concrete products are ideal for projects where longevity and durability are vital and we can support you in selecting the appropriate materials for your specific goals.  

From patching and repair products to concrete blocks and pads, we maintain an extensive inventory of concrete materials.  Looking for rebar, bagged concrete, or cutting-edge concrete wall or pillar solutions?  STAR Building Materials has it all—plus the expertise to guide you to the best materials for your needs.  We can even deliver directly to your property.

Our concrete products include:

  • Bagged goods
  • Concrete blocks and pads
  • Concrete patching and repair materials
  • Rebar
  • Sonotube
  • Logix

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