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Attic Access



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Attic Access

The majority of Winnipeg homes are built with an attic—a space located directly beneath the roof and commonly used for storage. While the attic may not be a frequently visited area, having straightforward access to it when necessary is essential. Proper attic access can have a positive impact on the overall airtightness and energy efficiency of your home and is not something to be overlooked during the design and construction process.

At STAR Building Materials in Winnipeg, we stock a quality selection of attic access options and our friendly and knowledgeable team members are always available to answer questions and share their expertise. To explore attic access options further or make a specialty order, give us a call or visit our store in person today!

Types of Attic Access Options

When it comes to attic access, there are a wide variety of options available. We've provided an overview of the most common types and styles below:

Hatches and Scuttles - Attic hatches, also known as scuttles, are one of the most widely available attic access options. This type of access is usually located in the ceiling of a hallway, closet, or bathroom on the top floor of a home and consists of a square or rectangular ceiling panel that can be pushed up and moved to the side to gain access to the attic via a ladder.

Pull-Down Stairs - This type of attic access is often characterized by a spring-loaded hatch that opens to reveal attached folding stairs, conveniently eliminating the need for a ladder.

Doors and Panels - A hinged door located in a ceiling or vertical wall on the top floor of a house (sometimes referred to as a knee-wall door) can provide direct attic access as can an exterior attic access door. Direct exterior attic access can be a convenience and may also provide necessary ventilation to the attic space, but it's also vital to mitigate the potential for heat loss or moisture build-up with this type of setup.

Features of Quality Attic Access

As you consider the best attic access option for your Winnipeg home, keep in mind the benefits of a quality solution: No matter the style or location you ultimately select for your attic access, be sure to invest in sturdy materials that will operate smoothly and reliably over the long term. Attic doors and hatches can be a prime source of heat loss if not insulated properly, which is why all of our interior attic access products at STAR Building Materials feature superior insulation and an air-tight seal that will help to increase your home's efficiency while reducing monthly energy costs.

Choosing the Right Attic Access

Which attic access solution is the right one for your particular needs, circumstances, and budget? Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Accessibility - Where will you install your attic access to allow for convenient entry and exit when necessary?
  • Safety and Security - How can you design your attic access to reduce the risk of injury or the entry of unwanted pests or intruders (particularly with exterior access solutions)?
  • Building Codes - Educate yourself about the building codes for your local area and plan your home's attic access accordingly.
  • Aesthetics - How will your attic access blend in with and/or enhance the style and aesthetics of your home?
  • Size and Purpose - How often do you plan to access your attic and for what purposes? The answers to these questions will help determine the optimum access size.

Installation Considerations

Whether you plan to have attic access professionally installed or complete the project on your own, proper framing, support, and insulation will be key factors to keep in mind. An experienced STAR team member is always ready to help with any questions along the way. Visit us during business hours to learn more and get your project started!

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