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Steel Fencing

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Steel fencing is an attractive, secure, and long-lasting fencing solution ideal for residential or commercial projects.  At STAR Building Materials in Winnipeg, we offer all the components necessary to install steel fencing suited to your exact needs and specifications.  



  • Durable - Steel fencing resists corrosion and holds up well to all forms of wear and tear.
  • Long-Lasting - When properly maintained, steel fencing can last for decades.
  • Secure - Steel fencing is secure on its own, but can also be enhanced by features such as electronic gates and security systems.
  • Attractive - Simple and classic, steel fencing complements a wide range of design schemes.  


What are the advantages of steel fencing compared to other fencing materials?

Steel fencing is durable, low-maintenance, high-security, and long-lasting.  

What types of steel fencing options are available for residential and commercial properties?

At STAR Building Materials, we carry Nuvo steel fencing and gates along with an extensive selection of different accessories and hardware options.

How does steel fencing perform in terms of durability and security?

Steel fencing is a highly durable security fencing option that resists mould and rust and holds up well to other forms of wear and tear.  In terms of protecting your property, it’s considered one of the most secure fencing options, particularly in combination with electronic gates and other features such as swipe cards and security cameras.  

Are there any maintenance requirements or considerations for steel fencing?

Steel fencing requires very little maintenance overall, but should still be kept free of branches and vegetation and inspected at regular intervals for signs of damage.  Washing, painting and resealing should be undertaken as necessary.  

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