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Fence Components

Whether you’re installing a high security privacy fence or simply adding a stylish border to your garden, selecting the right fencing materials is key. At STAR Building Materials, we’ve got all the fence components you’ll need!



  • Posts 
  • Pickets
  • Rails
  • Gates
  • Supports & Connectors
  • Caps & Inserts
  • Steel Fencing
  • Lattices & Privacy Screens
  • Accent Lighting


What are the components of fencing?

Fences can be made out of many different types of materials and constructed using a variety of different techniques. The main three components of any fence are posts, rails, and pickets (see below), but STAR also stocks gates, lattices, specialty fencing, and even accent lighting to help you customize your fence’s design and function. 

What are the three parts of a fence?

In general, most fencing contains the following three fence parts, which can be designed in many different ways:
Posts - Posts structurally support the fence and are typically placed in the ground to create a solid base. 
Rails - Rails, also sometimes referred to as stringers, are the horizontal fence components that connect one post to another. 
Pickets - Pickets are vertical fence pieces that connect the rails to each other. 

What are the vertical parts of a fence called?

The vertical parts of a fence are called pickets and can also be known as slats or boards. They can come in many different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. 

How far apart do fence posts need to be? 

Standard spacing for wooden fence posts is 8 ft. apart, but it really depends on the material, design, and purpose of the fence you are building. Discuss specific questions or concerns with a helpful and knowledgeable STAR representative.

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