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Mouldings & Millwork

Mouldings and millwork are like the icing on a cake.  A building doesn’t need them in order to function properly, but they certainly add aesthetic appeal and character to any interior.  


  • Baseboards - Make your flooring pop with stylish baseboards
  • Door & Window Trim - From window casing to brickmould or PVC trim, the options are almost endless
  • Accessories - Crown mouldings, moulding trims, spectis, wall accents, dowels, veneers, and more
  • Railing - Accent your home with standout handrails, metal or wood spindles, newels, railing hardware, and more
  • Flat Stock - We carry a wide variety in aspen, maple, and oak


What are mouldings and millwork, and what purposes do they serve in interior design?

Mouldings and millwork are decorative trim options that can soften the contrast between walls, ceilings, and floors.  They are used to add texture, depth, and distinction to interior spaces.

What are the different types of mouldings and millworks available for home decor?

At STAR Building Materials, we offer a wide variety of moulding and millwork products including baseboards, door and window trim, railings, accessories, and more.  

How can I choose the right mouldings and millwork to complement my home’s architectural style?

A good rule of thumb is to choose mouldings and millwork that are consistent with the age and architectural style of your home.  Recommended best practice is to keep trim consistent from room to room to create cohesion.  

What are some common materials used in mouldings and millwork, and what factors should I consider when selecting them?

The most common moulding and millwork material is wood, but they can also be made of composite materials or even foam, polyurethane, or rubber.  When selecting moulding and millwork, consider its aesthetics, longevity, and suitability for your purposes.  

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