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BOSCH 4-1/2


Item #: 20049510
$149.90 ea.


Drill/Driver Image

Drill/Drivers are the basic drill/driving tool, with a rotational action. They can accept both driver and drill bits and are used to drill holes or drive fasteners.

Hammer Drill

Hammer Drill Image

Hammer drills are a great multi purpose tool. They can be used to drill holes in wood as well as harder materials like metal or concrete (at a limited capacity). As you drill with a hammer drill, bit moves back and forth giving it a hammering effect. This helps to break up pieces that are keeping the sharp edge of the bit from finding purchase in the material being drilled. This makes them perfect for use in concrete where small pieces of aggregate could prevent a drill bit from penetrating the material. They typically can be set to turn on/off the hammer feature.

Impact Driver

Impact Driver Image

Impact drivers are perfect for driving fasteners. They are faster than a drill/driver or hammer drill when driving fasteners. They can still be used for drilling holes if using special impact ready drill bits or chuck adapters which allow you to use standard drill bits with the tool. Sockets can also be used with impact drivers but requite adapters, or by using a Bosch “Freak” impact driver which can use standard driver tips or sockets without needing an adapter.

Rotary/Combination Hammer

Rotary/Combination Hammer Image

Rotary/Combination Hammers are perfect for drilling holes in hard materials, such as concrete, brick, and stone. They are the heavy-duty version of a hammer drill, with more power than a standard hammer drill. They have more power when drilling and can drill bigger holes. They can also have an option to turn off the rotary action and only have a hammer action which is used with can be used with a variety of chisel bits, useful for demolition purposes, for concrete, masonry, and tiles.

rotary/combination hammer grips

They feature different grip styles, a pistol grip, and D-handle. A pistol grip, is an open handle attached to the underside of the drill with a trigger for single finger operation. A D-handle, is an enclosed handle attached to the back of the drill usually with a larger trigger that can be pressed with more than one finger to reduce operator fatigue

They often have a secondary handle to allow the operator to use both hands to operate the tool. This reduces the chance of injury to the operator, as most hammer drills have a large amount of torque which could twist the tool out of the hands of the user if the drill bit jams in the hole. If that happens, the operator could sprain their wrist or be hit by the tool handle when the tool spins, most commonly in the wrist/ hands or in the face/ jaw.

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