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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

Also known as dropped ceilings or false ceilings, suspended ceilings are secondary ceilings that hang about 8-20 cm below a structural ceiling.  Frequently used in office spaces and commercial buildings as well as basements, they’re an attractive and functional ceiling solution.  If you’re looking for an affordable way to completely transform an otherwise impractical or unattractive ceiling, a suspended ceiling may be the solution.  

To build a suspended ceiling, you need two things: Ceiling grid materials and ceiling tiles.  STAR Building Materials offers a wide selection of both and can help you to select the right products for your construction needs.  We can even deliver them to you at the site of your choice.  

STAR Building Materials’ suspended ceiling materials include:

  • Ceiling grid
  • A wide selection of ceiling grid accessories
  • Ceiling tile

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