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Soffit & Siding Accessories

Soffit & Siding Accessories

Finishing your home’s exterior with functional yet attractive touches can make all the difference in its curb appeal, longevity, and livability.  From aluminum soffit and fascia that come in a wide variety of colours and styles to downspouts, shutters, spectis, vents, and trim, STAR Building Materials offers everything you need to customize your home’s exterior exactly to your liking.  

Not sure which products will be most appropriate for your needs?  An experienced STAR representative is always available to assist you.  



  • Aluminum Soffit & Fascia
  • Exterior Trim & Brickmould
  • Mount Master & Shutters
  • Soffit & Gable Venting
  • Spectis


How do I choose the right soffit and siding accessories for my home?
Most homeowners choose soffit and fascia produced by the same manufacturer that produced their siding, though customization is always an option.  

How do I maintain my soffit and siding accessories?
Annual cleaning and inspection will keep your soffit, fascia, and siding accessories in optimal condition.  Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for specifics.  

What is the average lifespan of soffit and siding accessories?
Aluminum and vinyl products typically last more than 20 years, while wood products last between 5-15, depending on maintenance and conditions.  

Can I paint my soffit and siding accessories?
Yes, all soffit, fascia, and siding accessories can be painted.

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