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Plywood & Panels in Winnipeg


Plywood has a wide variety of applications, from constructing cabinets to furniture. It’s moisture, humidity, and impact-resistant, making it one of the sturdiest building materials around. 

To create plywood, layers of veneer are glued together in alternating directions. It can be made with an MDF core, particleboard core, or veneer core. Our inventory includes the following plywood & panel products:



Oriented strand board panels are created by pressing wood strands, resins, and wax using high pressure. OSB is commonly used as a sheathing material for houses.


Chalet & Smart Panel

Smart panels offer the enhanced durability of engineered wood with the pleasing aesthetic of conventional wood. We offer chalet siding in several colours, including cedartone and taupe. 


Finish Plywood

We carry maple, mahogany, birch, and red oak plywood. 


Fir Plywood

Fir plywood features a beautiful grain pattern and pale colour. 


Form Plywood

This product has a resin overlay that prevents moisture damage. The laminated face gives it a unique look. 


MDF Panels

Medium-density fibreboard is denser than conventional lumber. It’s also incredibly smooth and versatile. 


Specialty Panels

We offer a wide selection of specialty panels, including select fir marine-grade plywood, barnwood trim, and Crezon.


Spruce Plywood

With spruce, you get a pleasing wood appearance with the durability of plywood. You can use this material when constructing walls, floors, or furniture. 


Subfloor Tile & Accessories

We carry high-quality subfloor products, including Barricade subfloor tile and a subfloor leveling kit.


Treated Plywood

Green-treated plywood is pressure treated and loaded with preservatives; it’s highly durable and resistant to decay. 



Use an underlay to give your floor additional protection and structural support.




Is MDF stronger than plywood?

While MDF is more affordable, it’s also a bit softer than plywood. If strength is your main priority, stick to plywood. 


Can you drill into the edge of plywood?

Nails will not hold in a thin piece of plywood; there’s not enough material for the screws to grab onto. Try to avoid drilling into the edges of plywood whenever possible.  


Can you use plywood for interior walls?

You can. Try using plywood instead of drywall for a more lightweight and impact-resistant build. 


What type of plywood is strongest?

Marine-grade plywood is known as the most durable plywood you can get.


Is OSB as good as plywood?

While these types of wood are very similar, plywood wins out in terms of strength and moisture resistance.

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