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Lumber & Plywood In Winnipeg

STAR Building Materials began as a local lumber yard in Winnipeg. We’ve grown to one of the largest building suppliers in Western Canada. In our 60+ years of operating, we’ve gained the knowledge and experience needed to help everyone from professional contractors to DIY homeowners. Our lumber and plywood products are perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you’re working on residential home renovations or a commercial construction project, our high-quality products feature the durability you’ve been looking for.

Types of Lumber & Plywood

Our inventory of lumber plywood supplies includes:


This material is commonly used as the primary building material for framing due to its strength and stability. It’s often used in many other projects due to its availability, price, and selection of sizes.


With its high-quality finish and small knots, brown-treated wood is perfect for building decks and fences. It’s low-maintenance and resistant to fungal decay and termites. Better yet, you don’t need to stain it when you’re done.


There are many engineered panels for many uses, from sheathing, siding, finishing projects, concrete forms, underlays, and more.


Plywood is one of the most popular kinds of engineered wood; it’s made of thin layers of veneer glued together with an alternating grain direction for additional strength. We carry a wide range of plywood, including spruce, fir, treated, form, oak, and more.


OSB is a cost effective durable panel, made from wood strands, wax, and resins pressed together under high pressure. It is the most common sheathing material for houses. We carry a wide range of plywood products and panels, including fir plywood, MDF panels, underlay, subfloor tile, and chalet & smart panels.


Often used to create home furniture, our cedar wood products promise durability and workability. The natural aromatic qualities help repel insects, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. If you’re looking for a lightweight wood that’s easy to work with, consider cedar.

Engineered Lumber

These products are created by binding pieces of wood, veneers, or strands with adhesives. The result is a product that looks just like wood but with enhanced durability and moisture resistance. At STAR Building Materials, we carry LVL Beam, LVL Wall Framing, and LSL Wall Framing products in Winnipeg.


(Permanent Wood Foundation) Permanent wood foundation is designed for load-bearing, making it a great choice for constructing foundation walls. The natural thermal resistance of the wood helps insulate buildings. PWF is not suitable for decks or fences.


Fir is highly sought-after for its unique colouring and excellent strength-to-weight ratio. You can use this material for constructing flooring, cabinets, and more.


Pine may be a softwood, but that doesn’t make it weak. This dense and durable wood is frequently used to construct buildings, furniture, and window frames.

Wagon Oak

For a rustic look, consider using wagon oak for your next project. We carry shiplap and rough wagon oak.


Even though poplar is a hardwood, it’s easy to work with, even for beginner woodworkers. The material accepts stain well, so you can customize it as you see fit. It has a high density and substantial bending strength, making it a popular choice for constructing furniture and shelves.


Our selection of Pedra Hardwood Decking is resistant to termites, moisture, and fungi; it’s a medium-high density wood that’s great for outdoor use. We recommend using stainless steel screws if fastening through the face is required.


Our CCA-Treated Bollards are typically used for protective barriers or traffic barricades. These rounded top posts are sold in full lift quantities of 25 pieces only.

Looking for advice on your next project? At STAR Building Materials, our team of experienced staff will be happy to tell you more about our lumber and plywood supplies. We’re always available to help our customers purchase the right supplies for their next project.
For more information about our lumber and plywood products, visit our store in Winnipeg today.

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