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Drywall & Steel Studs

Drywall installation is one of the most impactful parts of any construction project. As studs are covered over, your new interior space begins to truly take shape. At STAR Building Materials, we’re here to help with a broad selection of all the stud and drywall components you’ll need along the way. 


  • Drywall
  • Drywall Patch
  • Compound
  • Corner Beads & Trim
  • Steel Studs
  • Tape & Repair


Can you hang drywall on steel studs?

Yes, you can hang drywall on steel studs. The process is similar to hanging drywall on wood studs but requires specialized, fine-thread drywall screws. 

How is drywall attached to steel studs?

Drywall can be attached to steel studs with drywall screws or construction adhesive. 

Will drywall screws go through metal studs?

Yes, drywall screws will go through metal studs. Consult a STAR representative for advice on which screws will be the best fit for your particular project. 

Can drywall be glued to metal studs?

Yes. In most cases, construction adhesive can be applied to drywall to help attach it to metal studs.

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