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Powder Actuated Tools

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There are several different types of powder-actuated tools available:

  • Hammer-actuated tools are typically low-velocity powder-actuated tools that you can use for lighter-duty fastening.
  • Trigger-actuated tools are both low and high velocity. They’re activated with a trigger, which provides ease of use.
  • Semi-automatic tools hold multiple fasteners, allowing you to work more quickly—perfect for larger construction fastening jobs.

We have a variety of powder-actuated tools available, each with different tool functionality. For efficient fastening solutions, you can count on STAR Building Materials.

Safety Tips for Using Powder-Actuated Tools: Prioritize Safety on the Job Site

Powder-actuated tools (PATs) are dangerous. To keep everyone safe, you should follow a number of safety precautions and best practices, including:

  • Only allow trained operators to use PATs.
  • Only load your PAT immediately before use.
  • Always inspect your PAT before use.
  • Only point the PAT at the substrate you wish to fasten. Never point a PAT at a person.
  • Keep bystanders away from the PAT when in use.
  • Wait 30 seconds before attempting to fire after a misfire. Try firing again, wait another 30 seconds, then carefully remove the cartridge and place it in water.

These are just a few of the many tips for using powder-actuated tools. We recommend reading the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety’s page on powder-actuated tools for more tips.


What Is a Powder-Actuated Tool Used for?

Powder-actuated tools are used to fasten hard substances like steel or concrete together quickly and effectively; they’re built for heavy-duty tasks. They use a controlled explosion to drive a nail or other fasteners into these hard substances. Powder-actuated tools operate using the same principles as guns—and they should be treated with the same caution and care. 

Who Can Operate Powder-Actuated Tools?

Only individuals trained in the usage of powder-actuated tools should use them. While there is no law in Manitoba dictating who can purchase and use powder-actuated tools, there are a host of health, safety, and workplace regulations you should follow to ensure that powder-actuated tools are used safely and effectively. 

Do You Need Training To Use a Hilti Gun?

Hilti is a brand of powder-actuated tool, and powder-actuated tools are sometimes called Hilti guns (the way tissues are sometimes called Kleenex generically). Whatever kind of powder-actuated tool you buy—like one of our high-quality DeWalt or Ramset tools—we highly recommend training before using it.

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