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Deck Components

At STAR Building Materials, we are proud to offer a wide selection of deck materials that offer solutions for all your deck construction and maintenance needs. From deck planning and design to annual care, our decking options will ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor living space in every season. 


  • Wood Posts
  • Supports & Connectors
  • Balusters & Stringers
  • Joist & Beam Lumber
  • ACQ Joist Hangers
  • Lattice & Privacy Screens
  • Hardware & Accessories
  • ACQ Metal Connectors
  • Decorative Hardware
  • Accent Lighting


Do I need a permit to build a deck in Winnipeg?

Yes, the City of Winnipeg requires development and building permits for all decks with a total area of more than 3.4 square meters (36 square feet) and a height of more than 60 cm (2 feet). 

What are deck supports called?

Various deck components provide support in different ways. Support posts uphold the frame of the deck as do beams (also known as girders). Joists provide structural support to the floor of the deck. 

What is the difference between stringers and joists?

A stringer is the board attached to the house onto which joists (horizontal framing boards) are attached. 

What is the part of the deck that connects to the house?

The part of the deck that secures it to the house is known as a ledger board (also sometimes as a stringer—see above). Ledger boards help to transfer a significant amount of your deck’s weight and live load to the frame and foundation of your home. 

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