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Don’t limit your living space to the indoors—take advantage of your yard by adding a deck or fence. You can increase the value of your property and add a private space to spend your summer in. With our fence and deck supplies, we help homeowners and professionals build new and improved structures.

Need help selecting the right materials for your next renovation project? Whether you’re looking to work on your existing deck or start a new project, you’re sure to find the products you need at STAR Building Materials in Winnipeg.



Ready to transform your outdoor space? When it comes to building decks, the type of material you choose is key; it determines the cost, the maintenance, and the life of your project.

Our decking products offer durability and style. Materials we carry for decking include:

  • Brown treated

  • Cedar

  • Trex

  • MoistureShield

  • Pedra


Deck Components

Our inventory includes everything you need to complete your deck, from joists and beams to accent lighting and privacy screens. Make your outdoor living space safe, private, and beautiful with our deck components and accessories. 


Fence Components

Build a fence that’s unique with our collection of components. We offer a wide variety of fence components, including posts, gates, pickets, and toppers. In our inventory, you’ll find everything you need to create a new fence.


Metal Railing

Our metal railings will add a beautiful frame to your property or deck. We also offer lighting for rails, including LED light strips. Browse our selection of glass and accessories to pair with your metal rails.


Decks FAQ

Looking for ideas to use when building a deck? Maybe you’re curious about the tools required for this project. We’ve put together this FAQ to help you out:


Where to start?

Before you can design your deck, you should make sure it will comply with your local building codes, and contact Call Before You Dig if you will be using posts or piles in the ground.

Once you have a design, you must get a permit before you start building your deck.


What is the cheapest deck you can build?

Brown-treated wood is an affordable material for building decks. With this wood, you won’t sacrifice safety for affordability; it’s economical and low-maintenance. Use our Deck Estimator tool to plan, design, and budget for your deck.


What is a floating or freestanding deck?

These unique types of decks are not attached to a building; rather, they are supported fully by beams and joists and set on posts. They sit low to the ground with a base that appears to be “floating” from one or more sides. A few benefits of floating decks are that they’re relatively easy and quick to build, and a ledger board is not needed


How do you support a deck without posts?

If you plan on building a ground level deck, you can do so without posts as long as you have other reinforcements for the foundation (such as concrete blocks).


What is the best base for decking?

Gravel is a popular choice because it provides drainage for rainwater and melted snow and prevents weed growth.


Fences FAQ

We’ve answered a few of the most popular questions about building fences:


What do I need to build a fence?

Before you start building, be sure to pick up the essentials, including lumber, fence posts, nails, a hammer, a drill, screws, and a saw. 


What is the cheapest type of fencing to install?

Brown-treated wood is one of the more affordable types of fencing material. Try our Fence Estimator to receive a quote for your project. 


How far apart should fence posts be?

Depending on the size of your fence and the type of material you’re using, you can space your fence posts 1.2-2.4 metres (4-8’) apart.


Can you put wood on both sides of a fence?

With most fences, one side looks better than the other. You can fix this by creating a double-sided fence, which offers more privacy and aesthetic appeal.


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