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Halo & Poly ISO


4x8x1" HALO EXTERRA (R4.7)

Item #: 05087200
$31.84 ea.

4x8x2" HALO EXTERRA (R9.4)

Item #: 05091010
$53.12 ea.

4x8x2" HALO SUBTERRA (R9.4)

Item #: 05092915
$75.52 ea.

Halo & Poly Insulation Winnipeg

Polyurethane (poly) and Halo insulation are both rigid foam board products commonly used in commercial roof and wall insulation as well as in many other applications.  While poly insulation is composed of closed cell polyurethane foam, Halo insulation also includes graphite, which further increases its rigidity and thermal resistance.


  • High-efficiency
  • Resist mould and mildew
  • Stable over time
  • Can act as a vapour barrier
  • Straightforward installation


What is poly insulation and how does it work to improve the energy efficiency of a building?

Poly insulation and Halo insulation are both rigid foam board products that improve energy efficiency by preventing heat transfer, improving airtightness, and acting as a heat and vapour barrier.

What are the benefits of using poly insulation in residential and commercial applications?

The benefits of poly and Halo insulation include their high R-value (ability to prevent heat transfer), moisture and mould resistance, ease of installation, and dimensional stability over time.

How does poly insulation compare to other types of insulation materials in terms of performance and cost?

Poly and Halo insulation are more expensive than fiberglass insulation, but they’re also more dense and offer superior performance in terms of heat flow resistance.  Often, a combination of insulation products is used in a project to decrease costs while still increasing efficiency. 

Are there any specific considerations or requirements when installing poly insulation in different areas of a building?

Rigid foam board insulation is frequently used for exterior walls and roof insulation because of its superior efficiency.  For questions about your specific Winnipeg poly insulation needs, speak directly with a friendly STAR representative.

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