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Simulated Stone Siding

Stone siding is expensive. Simulated stone siding is available at a fraction of the cost, and it offers all of the beauty of natural stone siding.

The simulated stone siding offered at STAR comes in a wide variety of different colours, so it can be perfectly colour-matched to your home. Our siding is incredibly durable and offers unmatched resistance to the elements. Perfect for Canada’s harsh winters, our simulated stone siding is built to last.

Energy Efficiency and Installation

We strive to offer our customers all of the resources they need to install simulated stone siding, from installation manuals to ongoing support.


How long does faux stone siding last?

The lifespan of this siding is incredible; some simulated stone sidings can last for 75 years or more. 

What are the disadvantages of stone veneer siding?

Concrete simulated stone siding can fade over time, especially if it’s not properly maintained—though maintaining stone siding is simple enough. Vinyl stone siding is less prone to fading, but slightly more prone to warping or brittleness when exposed to UV rays. When not properly installed, there can be issues with either form of siding, so take your time when installing it!

How durable is faux stone siding?

Our concrete simulated stone siding is incredibly durable and is built to last in the harsh conditions here in Winnipeg and around Canada.

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